Ware River Reservoir

Last Updated: 3/2018
    The boat ramp can be used for either trailer boats or car top.  There is plenty of  parking available at the ramp.
      Launch your boat and turn south along the park, west shore.  The shoreline is wooded and approach to the dam is easily made.  Please stay up river of the dam barrier at mile 0.5.   Now follow the east shoreline passed some commercial property and into a cove.
     There is a old railroad bed that has a pass through at about mile 1.1 miles.  Enter into a small side pond.  The total shoreline here is about 0.6 miles and makes for an interesting distraction bordered by wetlands and forest. 
     Exit and travel north along the east shore that is wooded until about mile 2.5 giving way to fields and wetlands begin.  This area is excellent for viewing birds.  Wetlands and grass continue all the way to mile 3.5 where there is a small island and a noticeable current begins.  You are now very close to Ware Airport on the east side.  This private airport services small private aircraft.  Traveling up river further can either be impassible late in the year or done with great effort against the current.
      Turn south and enjoy your paddle south along the west shore.  At about mile 4.3 the shore becomes wooded again all the way back to the boat ramp at mile 5.3.

Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Total Distance       1.5 miles
USGS Map: North Brookfield, MA (7.5’x15’)
Launch Address:     Park Entrance at
      68 Church St, Ware, MA 01082, follow road to boat launch.
Position: 42-16.00 N 72-13.65 W    

Boat Launch: Paved Boat Ramp with portable restroom.
Physical Features:
  • Terrain Type: Wooded, Town Park, Open fields, Railroad Tracks
Fish Population
  • Unknown
Put In and Take Out:  9 miles, 15 minutes
  • From US Route 90 (Mass. Turnpike) take Exit 8:
  • At the end of the ramp turn left on Route 32 North, Thorndike Street 
  • At mile 8.4, turn right on Route 9 East
  • Go three blocks, at mile 8.6, turn left on Church Street.
  • At mile 9.0, turn right into Grenville Park opposite Church Street School Senior Housing.
  • Enter park and follow road to boat launch near second baseball field.

Ware River Watershed
       The DCR owns approximately 23,000 acres in an area commonly known as the Ware River Watershed. Located in Central Massachusetts between the Quabbin Reservoir and the Wachusett Reservoir, the Ware River watershed is the land and water which drain to the MWRA diversion facility on the Ware River in Barre. The water that enters the intake travels to either the Quabbin or Wachusett Reservoir through an underground tunnel, the Quabbin aqueduct.

Grenville Park
      Grenville Park, 73 Church Street - J. H. Grenville Gilbert (1851-1932) together with his wife, Grace (nee Brown), donated Grenville Park in memory of their son, Grenville Gilbert, Jr. who died while attending preparatory school. Construction of the park took many years and the town officially accepted it in 1907. In 1911, the Gilberts donated an additional 30 acres west of the river in order to continue the roadway; and another 10 acres on the east to enhance and protect the view. In 1917, suitable land in the park was plowed and given over to gardening under the Food Conservation Committee. In the early 1920s, Sylvester Baxter wrote an article for the Boston Transcript that described Grenville Park as Massachusetts'  "most notable instance of a public park established as a memorial". He called the park "Ware's loveliest adornment" which "preserves the landscape by uniting the woodlands with the river". (Conkey, 1961) Tennis courts were constructed in the mid 1920s and in 1941 it also boasted a ski jump! J. H. Grenville Gilbert, a philanthropic citizen of Ware, was a longtime supporter of the  Young Men's Library Association and donated the WWI honor roll to the town.
       Today, Grenville Park is open year round with the back section closed to vehicular traffic seasonally.  Among its 100+ acres, you will find fishing piers, baseball fields, basketball courts, picnic areas, walking trails, and much more. We also plan to repair the footbridge, and build horseshoe pits and bocce ball courts near the T-Ball field
       For the safety of everyone, please observe all posted signs including speed limits, parking and one-way signage.
Grenville Park
Ware River Watershed