Plunkett Reservoir

Last Updated: 9/2014
    The annual spring stocking of catchable trout supports an active spring and early summer fishery. Largemouth bass are also found here, however, particularly along the dam and in the cove at the  north end. Try white spinner baits in the spring; Texas-rigged rubber worms, slugs and floating frogs in the weeds during summer. While the yellow perch are not very abundant, there were enough large individuals encountered in the sample to indicate they are well worth targeting, particularly during the ice fishing season.

      After launching your boat, turn north (left) along the shore first passing a point of land with a single house.  Starting at a small cove and continuing past docks and a beach is the summer Camp Romaca for girls.
There is a small island offshore which is publicly owned.  The bottom is shallow and sandy if you have a hankering to stop and swim.
      Otherwise, continue around the northern cove and enjoy a view of all the summer and year round homes.
      As you exit this area, Duquette Sports Academy has a short strip of access to the reservoir.
       After a few private homes and you come to the spillway.  This is the start of a long earthen dam.  Midway down the dam is a valve control house that controls the minimum flow rate for the reservoir.  What makes it interesting is that every available spot on the siding is filled with initials and names of hundreds of kids.  A reliable source told me that when the young campers arrive each year they make a B-line to add their share.  From the south end of the dam all the way back to Plunkett Reservoir Road has homes with dock and floats.
      Reach a small cove with a private beach and follow the shore back to the launch area.
Summer Camps:

Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Total Distance:       1.5 miles
USGS Map:    Pittsfield East, MA (7.5’x15’)
Launch Address:    557 Plunkett Reservoir Rd, Hinsdale, MA 01235

Boat Launch:    Dirt launch near dam.
Position:     42-25.57 N 73-07.90 W  
Physical Features:
  • Area:                 73 acres
  • Max depth:        22 feet
  • Average Depth: 10 feet
  • Transparency:      9 feet
  • Terrain Type: Homes, Open Land
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1979
  • 11 species: largemouth bass, brown trout, brook trout, rainbow trout, chain pickerel, yellow perch, rock bass, golden shiners, pumpkinseed, brown bullhead and white sucker.    
Put In and Take Out: 18.0 miles, 31 min.
  • From US Route 90, Massachusetts Turnpike Exit 2:
  • At the end of the ramp turn right at the stoplight.
  • Continue on Route West through Lee and Lenox.  Route 7 North merges into Route 20 in Lenox. The road becomes a divided highway and then returns to a two way.
  • At mile 7.9, at stoplight, turn right onto Holmes Road.
  • At mile 10.8, at stoplight, turn right on Williams Road.
  • At mile 13.0, continue straight on Washington Mountain Road and a short distance then slight left onto Kirchner Road, it later becomes Blotz Road.
  •  At mile 15.8, turn left on Plunkett Reservoir Road.
  • The reservoir will appear on right.  Shortly after, at mile 18.0, arrive at the put in at the end of a causeway, on right.
Boat Ramp
        Access is only suitable for car top boats and small trailer rigs.  Only roadside parking is available on one side of the road.  In fact, if you are a group you may have to unload your boat and park some distance away.

Camp Romaca
       Camp Romaca was proudly established in 1929. Our camp population consists of approximately 250 girls who are 7-15 years of age. Campers enjoy the close-knit supervision and expertise of approximately 140 dedicated staff members. The majority of our campers hail from communities throughout New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. In addition, we have loyal followings in many other states such as, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, Texas and California, to name a few. Each year, several international campers join us at Romaca. These young girls add a special diversity and cultural experience to our camp family each season.  We have a sister/brother relationship with Camp Greylock which is located approximately 12 miles away in Becket, Mass. 
Camp Romaca
State Pond Map
Dan Duquette Sports Academy
      This is a sports camp, tournament facility and lakeside retreat for boys and girls who are interested in learning baseball, softball, basketball, and soccer from distinguished high school, college and pro coaches.
      Duquette Sports Academy is where your campers develop tangible sports skill, but more importantly they develop life skills and along the way build friendships, confidence and self esteem._ At Duquette Sports we catch kids doing things right and we lead by example, teaching proper balance of sound fundamentals and good sportsmanship.
     Students enjoy a state-of-the-art training facility and the best fields in the Northeast. The camp also has an onsite ropes course open to teams, youth groups and businesses for leadership and teamwork workshops.
 Sports Academy
Boat Ramp next to road
Spillway for Dam