North and South Spectacle Ponds

Last Updated: 3/2018
           South Spectacle Pond in park of Quabbin land and is regulated by those regulations.
            North Spectacle Pond is a pond owned by the town of New Salem.
          We have not yet paddled these ponds.  I did  contact the town of New Salem and their email indicated that roadside launching was the only available access.
         These ponds are not part of the watershed of Quabbin Reservoir.  Specifically, water flows from Bassett Pond to South Spectacle Pond then into North Spectacle Pond via Bow Brook. From there the water flows from North Spectacle Pond into Lake Rohunta then into the Millers River in Orange MA and finally, into the Connecticut River in Montague, MA where the French King Bridge crosses the Connecticut River.
NOTE:  We did not include Bassett Pond simply because it is so difficult to launch a boat.  The roads are not open to vehicles.  You can walk in and fish there.
Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    2 hours
Total Distance:       3.8 miles
North Spectacle  1.1 Miles
Bow Brook          0.7 miles
South Spectacle 2.0 miles
USGS Map: Orange, MA (7.5’x15’)

Fish Population:
North Spectacle Pond only
Launch Address:   
Sweezy Lane, New Salem, MA 01355
100 yards down Route 122 from the intersection of Route 122 and Sweezy Lane
Position:  42-31.11 N 72-16.17 W
Boat Launch: 
Roadside launch at pull over.
Physical Features:
North Spectacle Pond
  • Area:                  42.9 acres
  • Terrain Type: woods, wetland, 6 homes on northside.

South Spectacle Pond
  • Area:                  37.9 acres
  • Terrain Type: woods, wetland, Quabbin land but not Quabbin Watershed.
North and South Spectacle Ponds Roadside Launch
Position: 42-31.15 N 72-16.66 W​
Boat Launch:
Bow Brook Put-In is 0.1 miles east of the intersection of Route 122 and Blackinton Road, New Salem, MA 01355
Nearest Launch Address:
Roadside car top put-in. Park on roadside pull overs, there are two just down the road.
From Route 2 - Exit 16 – ( 3.9 miles, 5 minutes):​ 
  1. Come off the exit and turn  onto Route 202 South (Daniel Shays Highway), toward Amherst/Belchertown.
  2. At mile 1.9, turn left onto Route 122 toward Petersham/Barre.
  3. At mile 3.7, pass the intersection of Blackinton Road.
  4. At mile 3.9, stop where Route 122 passes over Bow Brook. Launch here and park on Blackinton Road 0.2 miles away.  It is illegal to park on a state highway in Massachusetts.  Be sure to be all the way off the highway in the pull over areas.
Looking North from Bow Brook colvert.
Looking South from Bow Brook colvert.