Lake Warner     

Last Updated: 3/2018
      The general fish population appears to be in balance. There is a very good largemouth bass population with good stock density and above average growth rates. Chain pickerel were less numerous, however, displaying growth rates below the state average. There is a very good yellow perch population. These fish average eight inches, but there are a few up to 12 inches. (1993)
      Launch your boat and travel on the east side northward along the shore. Follow the shoreline to mile one where it become quite narrow.  
     On the west side Kestrel Land Trust has protected some land for hiking and preservation (see below).
      The next half mile is filled with
 wetlands that is filled with grasses, wetlands, and woods.  At one point you can approach a decaying duck blind.  In early season, when weeds are low and water levels high, you can travel some distance up the entering miller river.
     Now turn back and follow the north and west sides.  Most homes along Route 47 are setback from the lake with some farm land approaching the water.  At mile 3.0 a point of land is owned by the town with buildings and a playground.
     Finally, follow the shoreline back to the boat launch by the bridge on Mount Warner Road.  Take time to appreciate the dam before leaving.
SPECIAL NOTE: If you plan to paddle in August or later in the year, expect to be paddling through weeds.  Much of the pond may be unreachable.
ill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 to 2 hours
Total Distance       3.4 miles
USGS Map: Williamsburg, MA (7.5’x15’)
Launch Address:     6 Mount Warner Road, Hadley, MA 01035
Position: 42-23.16 N 72-34.87 W    

Boat Launch: Boat Ramp alongside bridge near dam.
Physical Features:
  • Area:                68 acres
  • Max depth:        10 feet
  • Average Depth:  3 feet
  • Transparency:    5 feet
  • Terrain Type: Wooded, Homes, 50% weed cover
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1980
  • 12 Species: yellow perch, largemouth bass, bluegill, white sucker, white perch, chain pickerel, brown bullhead, yellow bullhead, pumpkinseed, black crappie and golden shiners.     
Put In and Take Out:  8.3 miles, 14 min.
  • From US Route 91 (Mass. Turnpike) take exit 24 (Whately, Deerfield Route 5 and Route 9):
  • After exiting, take Route 5 North.
  • At 0.1 miles, turn right at stoplight on Route 116 South, Sunderland and Amherst.
  • At about mile 1.6 you will pass over the Connecticut River on the Calvin Coolidge Bridge.
  • At mile 1.8 miles turn right on Route 47 South (toward Hadley).
  • Pass Farmland and Enter North Hadley.
  • Turn left on Mount Warner Road.  There is a small triangle separating parts of the road.  The boat launch is on the north side of the bridge that passes over the lake just above the dam.
Kestrel Land Trust
         Kestrel Land Trust is dedicated to conserving and caring for forests, farms, and riverways in the Pioneer Valley, while nurturing an enduring love of the land.
       Founded in 1970 in Amherst, Massachusetts, The Kestrel Trust was an effective all-volunteer land trust for the first half of its history. In the 1990s, Kestrel became more proactive by expanding its capacity to serve a nine-town region. In 2011, The Kestrel Trust merged with the Valley Land Fund to serve a nineteen town region surrounding Northampton and Amherst, and set out to become a professionally staffed regional land trust serving the heart of the Valley. Through its merger, Kestrel has a combined 65 years of land conservation experience and has conserved more than 20,000 acres of wildlands, woodlands, farmland, and riverlands. Today, Kestrel is accelerating its pace of land conservation with our goal of protecting 1,000 acres annually, in addition to building an accredited stewardship program that actively engages the community.

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Kestrel Land Trust
State Pond Map
Friends of Lake Warner
         The Friends of Lake Warner and the Mill River is a non-profit corporation registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are dedicated to the preservation, improvement and responsible use of the Mill River and Lake Warner in Hadley, Massachusetts. We love Lake Warner. Help us spread the word so we can save our wonderful lake.​​

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Friends of Lake Warner
North End of the Lake
Boat Ramp
Paddlers in the Middle
South End above the Dam