Housatonic River Reach 13

Last Updated: 4/2018
  Rannapo Road Bridge (near Bartholomew's Cobble) to Great Falls Dam
    This pleasant paddle is miles of flatwater.

Konkapot River enters - 86.9
      This small river enters on river left (east) and adds to the river flow.  Miles Mountain is on your right (west) and wetlands to your left (east).

Massachusetts - Connecticut Border - 86.6

Blackberry River enters - 85.5

 Stevens Crossing Dam Portage - 84.6
        Stevens Crossing has long gone but the legacy dam is still blocking the river.  The dam holds back little water.  There are several ways by this dam.  You can take the spill section on river left (east).  You can carry over the concrete dam area and put-in below. You can try your luck shooting through the broke area to river right.  Or, the last choice is taking the river around the island on river right (west). 
         We suggest you scout before you decided.  All these choices are river level dependent.  Our last trip through we flipped our canoe trying the river right of the broken dam.  It was a hot day so it was actually fun getting wet.

Route 44 Bridge - 83.2
      From here south there are views of mountains to the west and wetlands to the east.  Over three miles of absolutely flat lake-like water with occasional farm to view.

Great Falls Dam Take-Out - 79.4
    For river levels call the Power Plant number for recorded update information at 888-417-4837 Reach 14 describes the portage!
       Skill Level:           Class 1 (& 2 in spring flood)
       Estimated Time: 3.0 hours
       Distance:              8.9 miles
       USGS Map:  Ashley Falls, MA (7.5’x15’)
Rannapo Road Bridge - 88.3
Position: 42-03.53 N 73-20.94 W 
Boat Launch:
Park road side on the Northwest side of the bridge. Follow the trail down to a nice shaded launch area on a small stream that empties into the Housatonic about 20 yards down. 
Nearest Address: 
864 Rannapo Rd, Ashley Falls, MA 01222
Put-In Directions ( 21.8 miles, 37 minutes)
From Exit 2 of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)
Follow steps 1 to 5 above and then:
  1. Continue south on Route 7 through the center of Sheffield.
  2. At mile 19.7, turn right onto Route 7A towards Ashley Falls.
  3. At mile 20.2, turn right crossing railroad tracks onto Rannapo Rd
  4. At mile 21.6 Rannapo Road curves left.
  5. At mile 21.8, arrive at the launch on your left just before the bridge that crosses the river. 
Roadside parking on Rannapo Road
Carry down this stairway.
Launch on this small side stream before pushing into the river.
 Great Falls Dam Take-Out - 79.4​​
Position: 41-57.84 N 73-22.31 W
Boat Launch:
There is a gravel parking area just above the dam.  Its an easy take-out on the right side of the river.
Nearest Address: 
864 Rannapo Rd, Ashley Falls, MA 01222
Put-In Directions ( 30.3 miles, 51 minutes)
From Exit 2 of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)
  1. Follow steps 1 to 6 above and then:
  2. Continue on Route 7 South into Connecticut and into Canaan.
  3. At mile 24.3, turn right onto Main Street, Route 44 West.
  4. A short distance turn left onto US-44 W/Church St.
  5. At mile 27.3, turn left onto Housatonic River Road.
  6. At mile 30.2, arrive at take-out just above the dam.
During Spring flood this parking lot can be flooded.
Most of the year it's a large parking area with an easy Take-Out.
Spring Flood it gets very dangerous!.