​​Eames Pond

Last Updated: 3/2018

      This pond is actually a impoundment of Turkey Hill Brook and is not list by the state as a pond except in the 2012 Integrated List of Waters.

Skill Level:  Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:   1 hour
Total Distance:     2.9 miles
Total Area:            57.7 acres
Nearest Address:   
953 Pleasant St, Paxton, MA 01612
42-19.54 N 71-56.84 W
USGS Map:  North Worcester, MA
Car top boats and canoes can be launched off roadside with parking on the nearby grass.

Physical Features
  • Area:          58 acres
  • Max Depth:    feet
  • Avg Depth:     feet
  • Terrian Type: Woods, State Park, Dam at old Mill

Fish Population
  • Last survey Unknown

Put-In/Take-Out Directions (20.8  miles, 30 minutes):
From Exit 9 Sturbridge of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)
  1. At the end of the ramp head southwest on I-84.
  2. At mile 1.1, take exit 3A to merge onto Route 20 East/Charlton Road toward Charlton.
  3. At mile 3.4, at stop light, turn left onto Route 49 North.
  4. At mile 10.9, turn left onto Route 9 East Main Street.
  5. At mile 11.2, just after the McDonalds and at the stop light, turn left onto Meadow Road.
  6. At mile 12.8, at the stop sign, turn left onto Route 31 North.
  7. At mile 20.3, at the stop light at Paxton Common, turn left onto Route 122 North.
  8. At mile 20.8, arrive at the north end of Eames Pond. Roadside launch.
Moore State Park

       A peaceful 400-acre retreat in the heart of central Massachusetts, Moore was the site of grist and saw mills from 1747 through the early part of this century. It then became a private estate. What remains today is the best of both: stone mill foundations, a restored sawmill, and mountains of glorious rhododendrons, azaleas and mountain laurel. The flowers cascade down hills, line wooded paths and decorate waterfalls.
       The power of falling water was early New England's primary energy source. Turkey Hill Brook, dropping 90 feet in less than a quarter mile, was a good mill site, and as many as five separate mills may have been built here. The remnants of the mill-village at Moore give a glimpse of the old rural manufacturing economy which was displaced by the industrial developments of the nineteenth century.

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Moore State Park