Connecticut River Reach 23
Endfield Connecticut to Hartford Connecticut

Last Updated: 7/2018
[1] Thompsonville Boat Ramp - Mile 66.7
Position: 41-59.89 N 72-36.33 W
Altitude: 35 feet
Boat Launch:
Parking for at least 20 vehicles.
Nearest Launch Address:
39 South River Street, Enfield, CT 06082
It's a tight squeeze going under the railroad tracks.
This State Boat Ramp has parking for trailers.
Skill Level:            Class 1
Estimated Time:    6 hours
Paddle Distance: 18.2 miles
Reach Distance:  18.2 miles
USGS Maps: Broad Brook CT, Manchester CT,
Hartford North CT 
​​Mile 55.6 - 54.6 Wooded Island at the mouth of the Farmington River.
[4] South Windsor Boat Ramp - Mile 54.5
Position: 41-49.76 N 72-38.13 W
Altitude: 16 feet
Boat Launch:
  • Turn off Main Street where the sign says "Water Polution Control Facility" on to Vibert Road.
  • Vibert Road is gravel from the Treatment Plant to the river. It's about half a mile to the boat ramp.
  • Parking for at least 10 vehicle and trailers.
Nearest Launch Address:
Vibert Road, South Windsor, CT 06074
After traveling past farm fields you will arrive at this parking.
This ramp is muddy and would be very difficult with a trailer.
Mile 66.0 - Route 190 Franklin Street Bridge
Mile 65.9 - Endfield Rapids
          Position: 41-59.30 N 72-36.20 W
​          Altitude: 36 feet
As you approach the Route 190 bridge keep to River Right!
Paddle this Class 2 rapid to get passed the entrance to the Windsor Locks Canal.

Continue River Right until you pass the next set of rapids.

The river becomes calm again after this.
[5] Bissell Bridge Boat Ramp - Mile 53.3
Position: 41-48.78 N 72-38.81 W
Altitude: 13 feet
Boat Launch:
This is a very large parking area that is well paved and maintained.
Nearest Launch Address:
265 East Barber Street, Windsor, CT 06095

This huge parking area is used for people with boats as well as users of the Windsor River Trail.
A view of the ramp and the Bissell Bridge.
[2] King Island Boat Ramp - Mile 64.2
Position: 41-57.80 N 72-36.43 W
Altitude: 33 feet
Boat Launch: 
Nearest Launch Address: 
53 Parson's Road, Enfield, CT 06082

Dedicated to a great man.
Plenty of Parking.
The boat ramp is concrete for any type of boat.
Mile 50.5 - Railroad Bridge
[6] Great River Park Boat Launch - Mile 49.1
Position: 41-45.61 N 72-39.66 W
Altitude: 10 feet
Boat Launch:
Great River Park is open until Sunset.
It costs $15 to launch a boat.
It costs nothing the boat is human powered.
The park is beautiful and the boat ramp is very well maintained by the town of East Hartford.
Nearest Launch Address:
331 East River Drive, East Hartford, CT 06108
A large parking area is used for people with boats as well as users of the park.
A view of the ramp and the river.
​​Miles 64.0 to 63.0 - King Island can be passed either side. 
  • Size: 180 acres and one mile long.
  • Recreation: Canoeing/Kayaking, Boat Launch, Waterfowl hunting (permit only), Nature photography, Connecticut River views, Informal riparian fishermen's trails.
  • Wildlife: Bald Eagles, Hawks, Ducks, Geese, Fish.
​​Mile 62.75 - Railroad Bridge

Mile 61.6 - Route 140 Bridge - From Windsor Locks to Warehouse Point.

Mile 60.75 - Route 91 Bridges​​
Mile 49.8 - Interstate 84 Bridges, Hartford

​Mile 49.6 - Route 2 Bridge, Hartford
[7] Charter Oak Landing - Mile 48.5
Position: 41-45.12 N 72-39.25 W
Altitude: 7 feet
Boat Launch:
This is a beautiful well constructed park located below the Charter Oak Bridge.
There is parking for 17 Vehicles with trailers and 9 vehicles without trailers.
Nearest Launch Address:
 195 Reserve Road, Hartford, Connecticut 06114
A large parking area and park.
A concrete ramp for all types of boats.
[3] Windsor Locks Boat Ramp - Mile 59.8
Position: 41-54.21 N 72-37.45 W
Altitude: 23 feet
Boat Launch:
Parking for at least 10 vehicles.
Nearest Launch Address:
1530 Palisado Avenue, Windsor, CT
Turn down here off Route 159.   There is no sign indication access.
This concrete ramp is only just adequate.