Connecticut River Reach 11
    Orford, NH to Ompompanoosuc River

Last Updated: 5/2019
[1]     Orford Boat Landing - Mile 237.5
Position:  43-54.16 N 72-08.84 W
       Altitude: 381 feet
Gravel parking for about 16 vehicles with trailers.
The Pastures Campground ​is next to the landing. 
Nearest Launch Address:  
487 NH Route 10, Orford, NH 03777   
Directions ( 1.5 miles, 4 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 15 Ascutney/Windsor:
  1. At the end of the ramp, turn right onto Lake Morey Road.
  2. At mile 0.3, turn left onto Route 5 North (Main Street).
  3. At mile 0.8, turn right onto Route 25A East and cross the bridge over the CT River.
  4. At mile 1.0, turn right onto Route 10 South/Route 25A E.
  5. At mile 1.4, turn right onto Boat Landing gravel road. Just past The Pastures Camping.
  6. Travel to the end and arrive at the landing.
Turn down Boat Landing Road at this sign.
There is plenty of parking and lauching for all types of boats.
The ramp is concrete.

Skill Level:            Class 1 
Estimated Time:    4.5 hours
Paddle Distance:   12.9 miles 
Reach Distance:  12.9 miles
USGS Map:  Hanover VT-NH
[4]  North Thetford Landing - Mile 232.0    
Position:  43-50.48 N 72-11.01 W
       Altitude: 380 feet
Nearest Launch Address:  
75 Bridge Road, Fairlee, VT 05045
Directions ( 3.3 miles, 6 minutes):
​From Interstate 91 Exit 14 toward Theford, Routes 113 and 5:
  1. At mile 0.2, at the end of the ramp, turn right onto Route 133 East.
  2. Almost immediately, turn left onto Latham Road.
  3. At mile 2.6, at a stop light, turn left onto Route 5 North.
  4. At mile 3.0, where route 5 turns lef, turn right onto Bridge Road.
  5. At mile 3.2, cross the railroad tracks and turn right.
  6. At mile 3.3, arrive at the gravel boat ramp.
This gravel access area is handicap friendly.
There is plenty of parking and even a fishing pier.
[5] Esther Salmi Campsite - Mile 231.0    
  • Position:   43-49.70 N 72-11.12 W    
  • Owned by: Private Ownership.     This is managed by Bill Bridge 802-785-2964 - no fire allowed.
  • Location: 
  • Capacity:
  • Amenities: 

[6]  Hewes Brook Boat Launch - Mile 227.7    
Position:   43-47.11 N 72-11.86 W
       Altitude: 380 feet
     Car top carry in launch.
Nearest Launch Address:  
    105 River Road, Lyme, NH 03768
Directions ( 4.1 miles, 9 minutes):
From Interstate 91 Exit 14 Theford Routes 113 and 5:
  1. At mile 0.2, at the end of the ramp, turn right onto Route 113 East.
  2. At mile 1.4, turn right onto Route 5 South.
  3. Almost immediately, turn left onto Route 113 East.
  4. At mile 1.6, cross over the CT River.
  5. At mile 1.7, turn right onto River Road.
  6. At mile 3.8, turn right into a gravel pullover where there is a sign.
We were unable to access this launch area because of construction in progress.  5/17/2019
[2] Birch Meadow Campsite - Mile 236.3
  • Position:     43-53.25 N 72-09.61 W    
  • Owned by: This is managed by Upper Valley Land Trust
  • Location: The site is on a low, wooded point, just upstream of the marshland at the outlet from Lake Morey downstream from some private camps. The river will make a bend to the west, and the campsite is on the northern bank of this east-west stretch of river. The landowners maintain a campsite for their own use about 1000 feet upstream of the Birch Meadows campsite. You will notice a red camp structure at this site. Please be respectful of their privacy and proceed to the downsteam public site. Watch for yellow arrows to lead you to the grassy landing area.
  • Capacity: 12 campers

[3] Roaring Brook Campsite - Mile 233.5
  • Position:   43-51.78 N 72-11.12 W    
  • Owned by: This is managed by Upper Valley Land Trust
  • Location: In North Thetford, about a mile below Clay Brook, this grassy campsite is located between two streams, the southern one is Roaring Brook. The landing is located a few canoe lengths up the upper stream on the Palmer Farm. This farm is well distinguished by its picturesque cupolaed barn. The campsite is on the outside of a left river bend, where Roaring Brook enters the main river. Look for the yellow campsite sign and a small, grassy opening. Yellow landing signs point upstream to the canoe landing.
  • Capacity: 10 campers
  • Amenities: Cleared tent site, box privy, fire ring, picnic table with shelter/lantern supports

[7] Ompompanoosuc River Boat Launch -
                    Mile 224.6
Position: 43-45.31 N 72-13.85 W    
       Altitude: 390 feet
Launch here.
Nearest Launch Address:  
    47 Old Bridge Rd, Norwich, VT 05055
Directions ( 5.9 miles, 10 minutes):
​From Interstate 91 take the exit 13 toward Norwich/Hanover New Hampshire:
  1. At mile 0.2, at stop light, turn right onto Route 10A East toward Hanover NH.
  2. At mile 0.5, just before the CT River bridge, turn left onto River Road.
  3. At mile 1.6, River Road merges into Route 5 North.
  4. At mile 5.7, cross over the Ompompanoosuc River.
  5. At mile 5.9, turn left onto Old Bridge Road.
  6. At mile 6.0, turn left into the state boat ramp area.
A vew of the boat ramp and the Route 5 Bridge.