Congamond Lakes

Last Updated: 3/2014
           The lake is stocked in the spring and fall with rainbow and brown trout. Presently, the lake produces a small number of trophy brown trout, primarily from the middle basin, but numbers have reportedly declined. Very heavy angling pressure, mostly for trout, exists from April through June. The lakes have also become host to several competitive bass tournaments in recent years. This is a four season fishing area and unsafe ice is marked out during the winter.
        The warm water fish population is balanced and produces excellent fishing for largemouth bass in the summer and chain pickerel and yellow perch in the winter. The lakes have a reputation for producing trophy size yellow perch, although as with trophy brown trout, numbers have reportedly declined.
General Description
            The Congamond Lakes are a group of lakes forming a north south line in two states and two towns.  Most of the eastern shores of the Middle and South lakes are in West Suffield Connecticut and the rest in Southwick Massachusetts. Note that the lakes themselves lie in Massachusetts and east shoreline defines the boarder between the states.
North Pond
              There is no direct access to this pond.  Travel north past the Southwick boat ramp and pass under Point Grove Road.  You will see a sign informing you “Personal Watercraft are prohibited in the North Pond”.  Because of its small size, typically there is very little boat traffic.  This is the deepest of the ponds and you will find the least amount of weeds and the greatest clarity.  This 1.5-mile trip is worth the paddle with all of the eastern shores void of structures and filled with woods.
Skill Level:            Class 1 - Flat water
Estimated Time:    1 hour
Trip Distance:
    North Pond      1.5 miles
    Middle Pond     5.3 miles
    South Pond      3.2 miles

    Total Distance 10 miles
USGS Map: Southwick, MA(7.5’x15’)
Launch Address for Middle & South Ponds:
4300 Mountain Road, West Suffield, CT 06093
Position: 42-01.2 N 72-45.83 W
Launch Address for Middle & North Ponds:
Use Southwick Boat Ramp:
90 Point Grove Rd, Southwick, MA 01077
(413) 569-051342
Position: 42-02.5 N 72-45.50 W
Physical Features:
Total Area:      465 acres
North Pond
      Area: 46 acres
     Max Depth: 40 feet
     Transparency: 14 feet
      Terrain Type: Woods, Homes
Middle Pond
      Area: 277 acres
     Max Depth: 36 feet
     Terrain Type: Homes, Town Beach
South Pond 
      Area: 142 acres
      Max Depth: 25 feet
      Terrain Type: Wooded, Wetlands, Homes
Fish Population
  • Last survey 1978
  • 12 species – largemouth bass, chain pickerel, pumpkinseed, bluegill, yellow perch, longear sunfish, landlocked alewife, banded killifish, golden shiner, brown bullhead, white sucker and American eel.     
Put In and Take Outs:
     There are a number of places to launch a boat.  I have given two here to start with.  One is a public pay boat ramp and the other is free but only for car top boats.  If these are not adequate, explore yourself.
Southwick Boat Ramp for North and Middle 8.3 miles (about 16 minutes) Currently $5.00 per boat to launch:
  • From US Route 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) take exit 3, Westfield.
  • At the end of the ramp turn right on to Route 202 South, Southampton Road.
  • Follow Route 202 through Westfield. Note that Route 202 and Route 10 merge together.
  • At mile 7.2 turn left on to Depot Street.
  • At mile 7.4, just past the Firehouse, turn right on to Sheep Pasture Road it becomes Point Grove Road as it curves left.
  • At mile 8.3 arrive at Boat Ramp on right.​​
Passage under road to North Pond
Entrance channel to North Pond
Middle Pond
            This pond is the largest and lined almost everywhere with private homes.  It is very popular with fishers, water skiers, personal watercrafts, and motorboats of all sizes.  The array of homes is fascinating to observe.  Some are from the early part of the twentieth century that have been carefully restored and upgraded while others are new having replaced cottages for the sleek modern and roomy homes of the twenty first century.
South Pond
         Either pass under Mountain Road from the Middle Pond or launch on to the South Pond as described.
          This is the shallowest of the three ponds and has a different character.  There are homes along the shore but there are also areas of woods and wetland in Conn Cove in the northeast and along the outlet stream to the south.  These areas can afford observation of wildlife.
          In the south, it is possible to paddle all the way to a concrete footbridge where the south dike is along Mountain Brook.  The Southwick Rail Trail passes close by.
A view of Middle Pond Looking North
Causeway Car Top Launch for Middle & South
10.7 miles (about 20 minutes)
  • From US Route 90 (Massachusetts Turnpike) take exit 3, Westfield.
  • At the end of the ramp turn right on to Route 202 South, Southampton Road.
  • Follow Route 202 through Westfield. Note that Route 202 and Route 10 merge together.
  • At mile 9.5, just past a McDonalds, turn left on Congamond Road, Route 168.
  • Pass over the causeway between the Middle Pond and South Pond.  You will now be in Connecticut.
  • At mile 10.7 you will arrive at the put-in on your right.

Citizens Restoring Congamond
          The purpose of CRC is to preserve, protect, maintain and enhance the environmental, aesthetic, recreational and economic values and to promote watershed management of the Congamond Lakes and to provide education with respect thereto.
  • Encourage community involvement through volunteerism
  • Promote educational initiatives.
  • Promote excellence in water quality standards.
  • Promote sound watershed ecology.
  • Promote the control of nuisance aquatic species.
  • Promote water and boating safety.
  • Interface with local, state and federal governmental bodies to facilitate financial support and to encourage continual process improvements in environmental regulations pertaining to lake management.
  • Provide a unified voice for the benefit of the Congamond Lakes.

State Pond Map