Housatonic River Reach 16

Last Updated: 9/2017
Route 341 Bridge, Kent to Candlewood Power Plant


Bulls Bridge Portage - 0.4 miles
        There are warnings not to travel further than the north end of the Bulls Bridge Island.  It's important to know that there are two dams, one on each side of the island.
        The take out is at the north end of the island. Travel to the left side of the island and take out a very short distance from the north end. Follow the trail south for 0.4 miles and put in just above the covered bridge.
        If this is your take out, then continue to the road, cross the covered bridge.  The parking area is on your right just before the intersection with Route 7.

Bulls Bridge to Candlewood Power Plant - 
       It is possible to put in below the dam but often the water level is very low because the redirecting of the water for power.  Also, there can be difficult rapids with numerous rocks.  If you do not want to attempt travel through the rocky and difficult area below Bulls Bridge, consider using transport to move your boat(s) from Bulls Bridge to the Candlewood Power Plant Put-In.

Do not attempt to take the power canal that leads to Cedar Hill Pond.  All this area is No Tresspassing for very good reasons.  The level of this pond can change at any time as the water may drop into the power plant. 


Skill Level:            Class 1 & 2 in small sections
Estimated Time:    2.5 hours
Distance:               6.6 miles
USGS Maps: Kent, CT and Dover Planes, NY-CT

Bulls Bridge Island Take-Out - Mile 54.7
          Position: 41-40.75 N 73-30.50 W
          Nearest Address:
                     248 Bulls Bridge Rd, South Kent, CT 06785
          Put-In Directions ( miles, minutes)

Bulls Bridge Island Put-In - Mile 54.3
          Position: 41-40.55 N 73-30.57 W
          Nearest Address:
                     248 Bulls Bridge Rd, South Kent, CT 06785

Route 341 Bridge, Kent Launch - Mile 58.7
Position: 41-43.60 N 73-28.90 W
Boat Launch:
Launch at Kent School below the bridge on the west side.
Nearest Address: 
1 Skiff Mountain Road, Kent, CT 06757
Put-In Directions ( 26.0 miles, 37 minutes)
From the center of Caanan Ct at the intersection of Route 7 and Route 44 (Near McDonalds and Dunken Donuts).
  1. At the stop light, turn right on Route 7 South.
  2. At mile 16.6, cross the Housatonic River and turn slight right to stay on Route 7 South.
  3. Enter into the town of Kent and at mile 25.6, turn right onto Route 341 West at the stop light. Saint Andrews Church is on the corner.
  4. At mile 25.9, just after crossing the river at the flashing yellow light, turn right onto Skiff Mountain Road.
  5. Almost immediately turn right down a paved road to the water.
Bulls Bridge Island Portage - Mile 54.7 to 54.3
Take-Out Position: 41-40.75 N 73-30.50 W
Put-In Position: 41-40.55 N 73-30.57 W
Nearest Address: 
248 Bulls Bridge Rd, South Kent, CT 06785

0.4 mile portage
Bulls Bridge Island Take-Out - Mile 54.7
Position: 41-40.75 N 73-30.50 W
Boat Launch:
Nearest Address: 
248 Bulls Bridge Road, South Kent, CT 06785

Put-In Directions ( 3.9 miles, 6 minutes)
From the center of Kent Ct at the intersection of Route 7 and Route 341.
  1. At the stop light, take Route 7 South.
  2. At mile 3.9, turn right onto Bulls Bridge Road.
  3. Parking is immediately after turning on your left.
  4. Walk over the covered bridge and take the trail on your right down to the river.
A view of Bulls Bridge.
Candlewood Power Plant Put-In - Mile 52.1
Position: 41-39.50 N 73-29.53 W
Boat Launch:
2.2 Mile from Bulls Run Parking Lot to Power Plant.
Nearest Address: 
838 Kent Rd, Gaylordsville, CT 06755

Put-In Directions ( 1.6 miles, 3 minutes)
From the intersection of Bulls Bridge Road and Route 7 in Kent.
  1. Take Route 7 South.
  2. At mile 1.5, pass a tall light yellow building on your left.
  3. At mile 1.6, across from Grove Road, turn right down the paved driveway for the Power Plant.
  4. Launch or Take-Out down river of the plant.