The Farmington River

Last Updated: 8/2017
General Description
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Total Length: 95.0 miles

Main River before branching - 46.3 miles.
East Branch     - 13.2 miles
West Branch    - 35.5 miles

Altitude drop: 1359 feet  (an average of 16.82 feet/mile)

Main River before branching - (7.58 ft/mile)
East/West Branch Split - 370 feet
East Branch     -  640 feet (20.45 feet/mile)
West Branch    -  1378 feet (28.39 feet/mile)
Mouth of River - 19 feet

The Farmington River is a major tributary of the Connecticut River. With two major tributary branches that confluence in the City of Farmington, it flows 95.0 miles before its confluence with the 410 mile long Connecticut River at Farmington, CT. 
  • Main Branch is 46.3 miles long from New Hartford, CT Russell into Farmington, CT.
  • West Branch has origins in the Berkshire Mountains  in the town of Otis, MA. It fed by Otis Reservoir and many small streams. 
  • East Branch, which has its origins at the north end of Barkhamsted Reservoir at Mile 59.5 where three brooks come together.
    • Hurricane Brook
    • Heartland Brook
    • Valley Brook

The upper west branch is known for its whitewater rapids and scenic beauty in eary spring.  The rest of the year this upper branch is impassable.

Access Points
There are few usable reaches described below.
Reach                From                     Mile                     To                     Mile  Distance
National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
West Branch near New Boston
At Unionville
At Simsbury
At Tariffville