Connecticut River Reach 22

Last Updated: 1/2018
Holyoke Dam (84.4) to Endfield Connecticut (66.7)


Holyoke Dam Portage - 1.4 miles

Skill Level:            Class 1
Estimated Time:    6 hours
Reach Distance:  17.7 miles
USGS Maps: 
Springfield North, MA
Springfield South, MA
Broad Brook, CT

{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3E[1] South Hadley Canal Park - Mile 85.2
Position: 42-13.35 N 72-36.55 W
 Altitude: 92 feet
Boat Launch:
This is for car top only.  Hike into the park down to the water for take-out.
Nearest Launch Address:
99 West Summit Street, South Hadley, MA 01075
Put-In/Take-Out Directions ( 3.1 miles  9 minutes)
From Interstate 91 Exit 16  Route 202 toward South Hadley.
  1. At the end of the ramp take Route 202 toward South Hadley.
  2. Follow Route 202 through Holyoke.
  3. At about mile 2.0, Route 202 crosses the Connecticut River.
  4. At mile 2.5, follow around a large rotary 3/4 of the way around to the Summit Street exit.
  5. At mile 2.8, turn left onto West Summit Street.
  6. Follow down to the South Hadley Canal Park at the end.

Canal Park Take-Out Trail - near West Summit Road
           This take-out is not the most convenient on the river.  You must carry your boat for about a tenth of a mile up hill.  Read some most interesting history below.
​​Mouth of the Chicopee River - Mile 78.4

Springfield North End Bridge - Mile 75.4

Springfield Memorial Bridge  - Mile 74.2
[5] Bondi's Island Boat Ramp - Mile 73.6
Position: 42-05.52 N 72-35.42 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude: 36 feet{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Boat Launch:
Paved boat ramp for all types of boats.
Nearest Launch Address:
M Street, Agawam, MA 01001

​​{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3EWestfield River Mouth - Mile 72.9

[6] Pynchon Point Car Top Boat Access - Mile 72.9
Position: 42-05.00 N 72-35.15 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude: 35 feet{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Boat Launch:
Boat access at the confluence of the Westfield and Connecticut Rivers. Town facility offers beautifully paved parking (about 20 spaces) and a paved ramp (100 yards) to the mouth of the Westfield River. Boat access is primarily on Westfield River side. Carry in is about 200 yards to the mouth of the Westfield River.
Nearest Launch Address:
1 South End Bridge Circle # 14, Agawam, MA 01001

​​Springfield South End Bridge  - Mile 72.8
​​Route 202 Bridge - Mile 84.7
This should be the limit of your paddling.  A barrel barrier is located just down river.  If the river is high remember that it is over 0.3 miles wide.  If you are not a strong paddler you could find yourself up against the barrier paddling for your life!

Holyoke Dam - Mile 84.4​​
Holoke Dam from South Hadley side at flood stage
​​​Route 116 Bridge - Mile 84.0​​
[7] Riverfront Park Longmeadow - Mile 71.3
Position: 42-03.75 N 72-35.63 W
Altitude: 35 feet
Boat Launch:
Unimproved parking area for about 10 vehicles.  Carry in for Car Top boats about 100 yards across grass park to waters edge.
Nearest Launch Address:
240 Anthony Road, Longmeadow, MA 01106

         Riverfront Park, located on Anthony Road just south of the Yacht Club, is Longmeadow's newest site for public recreation and relaxation. The park offers residents access to over 300 feet of shoreline and a serene and pastoral setting to view the mighty Connecticut River as it courses towards the sea, some seventy miles to the south.{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Connecticut-Maassachusetts Border - Mile 68.5
42-01.49 N 72-36.41 W{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E

[8] Thompsonville Boat Ramp - Mile 66.7
Position: 41-59.89 N 72-36.33 W
Altitude: 35 feet
Boat Launch:
Parking for at least 20 vehicles.
Nearest Launch Address:
39 South River St,, Enfield, CT 06082
[2] Perlovski State Ramp - Mile 83.8
Position: 42-12.62 N 72-35.45 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude: 48 feet{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Boat Launch: 
Nearest Launch Address:
128 Syrek Street, Chicopee, MA 01020

Perlovski State Boat Ramp with plenty of parking
Route 190 Franklin Street Bridge - Mile 66.0

Endfield Rapids - Mile 65.9
[9] Angelo Joseph Sferrazza Memorial Park - Mile 64.2
Position: 41-57.80 N 72-36.43 W
Altitude: 33 feet
Boat Launch: 
Nearest Launch Address: 
53 Parson's Road, Enfield, CT 06082

Holyoke Railroad Bridge and Cabot Street Bridge - Mile 82.5
    These bridges go between Holyoke to Chicopee.

Interstate 391 Bridge - Mile 81.9

Jones Ferry Ramp (Holyoke) Ramp 80.2
42-10.33 N 72-37.80 W
11 Jones Ferry Road, Holyoke, MA 01040
[3] Jones Ferry Ramp (Holyoke) Ramp - 80.2
Position: 42-10.33 N 72-37.80 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude: 41 feet{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Boat Launch: 
Nearest Launch Address:
11 Jones Ferry Road, Holyoke, MA 01040

[4] Chicopee State Boat Ramp - 78.9
Position: 42-09.20 N 72-37.53 W
{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DStartFragment%2D%2D%3EAltitude: 40 feet{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2DEndFragment%2D%2D%3E
Nearest Launch Address:
99 Medina St, Chicopee, MA 01013

Located just south of the Route 90 bridges and just north of the mouth of the Chicopee River.