Quaboag River Reach 1

Last Updated: 3/2016
Quaboag Pond to Lucy Stone Park

     The river begins at Quaboag Pond and meanders through marshes, open lands, forested areas. The river follows route 9 in some fashion, though the road is not close enough to cause noise pollution. There is a train track that follows the river for a ways and you're pretty much guaranteed to see at least one freight train go by, but that is usually an interesting diversion.
       There is a rest area near the junction of routes 9 and 67 (and take-out is possible there.) From the rest area, the river flows a little more quickly, though never swift, down to Lucy Stone Park for the final takeout. Be sure to stay left at the Park and takeout well before the bridge or you will soon be joining the whitewater playboats, whether you want to or not!!
      Depending on the speed at which you paddle, a little less than a 4 hour paddle from the Quaboag Pond Put-In or you can make it all day. Hot, summer, cloudless days will leave you exposed to the sun for quite a while going through the marshes before finally finding shade. Windy days can also pose a problem in the long, wide-open area. A cloudy day, or a spring or fall day, is perfect for this trip.


Skill Level:            Class 1
Estimated Time:    2.5 hours
Distance:               9.4 miles
USGS Map: Warren, MA (7.5’x15’)

Quaboag Pond Boat Ramp - Mile 25.2 + 1 = 26.2
Position: 42-12.21 N 72-03.78 W
Boat Launch:
State Boat Ramp with large paved parking lot.
Nearest Launch Address:
160 Quaboag St Brookfield, MA 01506
Put-In/Take-Out Directions (9.6 miles, 13 minutes):
From Exit 9 Sturbridge of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)
  1. After the tollbooths, head southwest on I-84.
  2. At mile 0.9, take exit 3A to merge onto Route 20 East/Charlton Road toward Charlton.
  3. At mile 3.2, at stop light, turn left onto Route 49 North.
  4. At mile 7.2, turn left onto Flagg Road.
  5. At mile 7.2, turn right onto Podunk Rd.
  6. At mile 8.9, Slight left onto Shore Road.
  7. At mile 9.3, the pond will appear on your left.
  8. At mile 9.6, arrive at the Boat Ramp on left.

Fiskdale Road Brookfield Launch - Mile 23.5
Position: 42-12.46 N 72-06.12 W
Boat Launch:
Brookfield launch is paved where both cartop and trailer boats can be launched.
Nearest Launch Address:
1 Fiskdale Rd, Brookfield, MA 01506
Put-In/Take-Out Directions (10.1 miles, 16 minutes):
From Exit 9 Sturbridge of the Massachusetts Turnpike (Rt. 90)
  1. After the tollbooths, head southwest on I-84.
  2. At mile 0.8, take exit 3B to merge onto Route 20 West toward Route 131/Sturbridge/Palmer.
  3. Pass through the center of Sturbridge.
  4. At mile 3.2, turn right onto Route148 North/Brookfield Road.
  5. At mile 10.1, just after passing over the Quaboag River and just before the Route 9 Intersection, turn left into parking area and car top launch area.

Long Hill Road - Mile 20.2
Position: 42-13.73 N 72-08.94 W
Boat Launch:
Go to the end of the dead end road and carry to river.
Nearest Launch Address:
1 Fiskdale Rd, Brookfield, MA 01506
Put-In/Take-Out Directions ( miles, minutes):

Lucy Stone Park Take- Out - Mile 16.8
Position:  42-13.05 N 72-11.59 W
Boat Launch:
Car top take-out at park just below the bridge.
Nearest Launch Address
199 Old West Brookfield Rd, Warren, MA 01083 
Put-In/Take-Out Directions (9.1 miles, 15 minutes)
From Quaboag Pond Boat Launch
  1. Turn left out of the boat ramp area heading northwest on Quaboag St toward Herbert Rd
  2. At mile 1.5, at the stop sign, turn left onto Route 9 West.
  3. At mile 6.3, turn left onto Route 9 South/Route 67 South.
  4. At mile 8.8, turn right onto Old West Brookfield Rd. This is in the middle of Warren and before the bridge that crosses the river.
  5. At mile 9.1, arrive at Lucy Stone Park before crossing the river. There is a gravel parking area on left marked with stones.
Lucy StonePark
Take Out before the bridge
to avoid fighting a current
Fiskdale Road Boat Ramp​ next to bridge
Lucy Stone (August 13, 1818 – October 19, 1893) was a prominent American orator, abolitionist, and suffragist, and a vocal advocate and organizer promoting rights for women. In 1847, Stone became the first woman from Massachusetts to earn a college degree. She spoke out for women's rights and against slavery at a time when women were discouraged and prevented from public speaking. Stone was known for using her maiden name after marriage, as the custom was for women to take their husband's surname. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_Stone
Fiskdale Road Boat Ramp​ looking up river
Long Hill Road Car Top Launch